DIY book wall


This is one of my favorite walls in our home. Someday it will end up in my office/library, once I actually have one. But for the past several years I’ve loved having it front and center in our girls’ bedroom.

One night I was describing what I envisioned to my husband, but I couldn’t think how to get pictures flush against the wall without spending a ton of money on frames or canvas. I wanted something that would be affordable, lightweight, easily hung with command strips, and sturdy enough to handle all the moves I knew would be coming up (this was pre-grad school). He suggested I put the pictures on wood and volunteered to pick it up and cut it all out for me. (Yes he’s awesome like that. <3)

It was a big project that took multiple hours over about a week, but the effort was completely worth it. And lately I’ve been thinking that I need to add some of our recent picture book favorites to it.

Tutorial coming soon!

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