The ABCs of Supporting an Author You Love

Shar and I have received so much love and support for Over in the Woodland from our dear family and friends. We appreciate it beyond words! As authors, we have put our whole hearts into writing this story and then making it the best version possible so that it can *hopefully* be enjoyed by families for years to come. It has truly been a labor of love!

As release day is coming up (next week!!!) we have had many people ask how they can help us. That is a fantastic question! Getting the book into the reader’s hands is an essential aspect of a book’s success as well as the author’s ability to continue publishing. There are a variety of simple ways YOU- as an author’s family member, friend, or fan- can help with a book’s success!


A- Attend the author’s events/book launch – Events are a fun way to interact with the author, celebrate their book, and ask questions about the process.

B- Buy the book – If you enjoy the genre, adding it to your home library gives you the ability to re-read it whenever you or your kiddos would like!

C- Check out the book from your local library – If they don’t have it on their shelves, you can request it. This is an awesome way to help the author and their book reach more communities!

D- Discuss the book – Share it on social media, recommend it to friends, read it with your book group- the power of word of mouth is phenomenal and goes a long way in helping a book get into the hands and homes of those who wouldn’t have found it otherwise!

E- Engage with the author – Send them a note if you love their book, follow them on instagram or facebook, let them know you appreciate their work. There is nothing better than hearing from readers how your story has impacted them.

F- Fan Reviews – If you read the book and you’re a fan leave a review on sites where it’s sold and Reviews greatly influence others choosing to purchase the book, if sites promote the book, and in overall exposure. Make an author’s day and leave a review!

G- Give the gift of reading – If you don’t want a copy for yourself, gift it to the readers in your life!

We hope this list helps you find one or seven things you’d enjoy doing to support an author you love. Happy Reading, friends!

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